Backpain, sprained ankle, cuts, and headaches, just to name a few of the most common moving injuries. Luckily, with the right plan, these injuries can be avoided easily. You should always be present and alert when packing, carrying, and transporting items for your relocation. From proper sleep to hiring professionals, we recommend a series of proven tactics to avoid moving injuries.

Have a clear moving plan and start on time

Good organization is already an excellent way to avoid the most common moving injuries. Make a to-do list and write down everything that has to be done moving related. Start with preparations on time. Also, start packing items as early as possible in the moving process. Yes, you will still need to use plenty of your items by the relocation date, but you won`t need seasonal clothing and skiing equipment for example. The more things you pack beforehand while you are not under stress or hurry, the less likely you are to experience a moving injury.

Clear the path

Carrying heavy moving boxes is not an easy task. What you can do to make it easier is to clear the path that you will take and reduce the risk of injuries. Walk through the house and remove any moving box, plant, toy, or pieces of moving equipment. It becomes easy to trip over these items once you are carrying a heavy load in front of you.

Find a sitter for your kids and pets

Having kids and pets in the house during the moving day is a recipe for a stressful day. This is because kids and pets are having a hard time grasping why is the house getting emptier by the minute. They will walk around the house in the way of everyone else relocating the moving boxes. Avoid any moving injuries by finding a sitter for a moving day. You can ask your friends or relatives to bring the kids and pets to the park if the weather permits it.


Hire professional movers

One of the safest ways to perform a relocation is to hire a reliable moving service NJ and leave all the work to professionals. This is a perfect way to avoid the most common moving injuries as you won`t have to lift a finger in the process. Instead, you would be able to just observe and spend more quality time with your family, or plan other aspects of your relocation. Movers know the right techniques for lifting heavy objects. They are efficient, experienced, and most importantly fast. So, if you don`t have enough time to do the relocation just right, call one of the professional local moving services NJ and watch how they make your dream come true.

Learn how to lift heavy items

When you want to avoid common moving injuries, the answer is in learning the technique for heavy lifting. Actually, it is not just learning the technique itself, it is more about getting used to it, as you can easily forget about it and lift heavy items improperly. Back pain is one of the most common moving injuries and this is why the focus should be on your knees. You lift with your legs and arms, not with your back.

Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart. Then squat down and reach the moving box you want to lift. After this, you should lift up by looking straight ahead and trying to remain in a good posture. There is no reason to rush, so take your time. When carrying a box, carry it so that it is close to your body, at the belly button level.

A Woman Is Demonstrating The Correct And Incorrect Lifting Technique

Ask your friends to help you

If you are moving on a budget, and you are not hiring movers for relocation, you should ask your friends to help you. The more people there are, the sooner the process will be finished. Most common moving injuries happen when you are tired and don`t pay attention. With a couple of friends, everything will go smoother, and you will reduce the risk of injuries.

Dress accordingly

Another great way to avoid injuries on your moving day is dressing properly. If it is sunny outside, wear sunglasses and a hat. Don`t wear tight clothes in which you cannot move freely. Rather wear a tracksuit and sneakers. Don`t wear uncomfortable shoes. Tie your hair in a ponytail so that it does not fall into your eyes.

Sleep and eat well

One of the most neglected aspects of moving is the eating and sleeping schedule. While it may seem that you barely have time for anything, the truth is with the right organization there will be enough time for everything. Make sure that you have at least six to eight hours of sleep during the night. Drinking plenty of coffee or energizers throughout the day will never be able to compensate for a lack of sleep. But lack of sleep can easily lead to moving injuries. Also, try to eat as much homemade food as you can. Bakeries and fast food are convenient occasionally, but only occasionally.


Get the right moving equipment

Whenever you can, you should avoid lifting, especially lifting heavier objects. Furniture, dishwasher machine, laundry machine, but also pianos, and other objects are only to be transported with the use of dollies for example. Rent or buy a furniture dolly, as well as moving straps to move these items from your home to the moving truck.

Take breaks

When moving, you will find out that you don`t get tired that much. But the fact is that this is adrenalin pumping through your body, making you believe that you are not tired. When, in fact, you are in a deep need of rest. So, take frequent breaks, every hour and a half, or even sooner, depending on the intensity of work. Allow your muscles to relax, drink water, and grab a bite to eat in between. Also, make use of the breaks and read some helpful packing tips many movers are posting to help you avoid moving injuries and relocate without stress.