When you are considering buying boxes, try to find a self-storage unit or box store that sells moving kits. They are the most affordable and most efficient way of getting your packing materials.

They have kits that are made for every size house, or there will be a chart on how many kits you should buy for the size of your home. Included in the kits are usually:

30-40 Boxes
Dish Boxes
Bubble Wrap
Dish Wrap
White Wrapping Paper

The moving kits are pre-made by professionals that know all of the materials you will need for packing. They are also very economical.

Pack one room at a time, paying attention to what is going inside each box. Pack similar items together, and pack the boxes as full as possible. If there is an extra room, fill it with crumpled filling paper. When the box is completely full, finish by taping the boxes securely and mark them accordingly. Try to be as detailed as possible when marking the boxes, this will save you a lot of time when you are unpacking.

With valuables that are fragile, a good way to save space is to wrap your linens (bath towels, blankets, sheets, etc.) around them. This works great for large pictures, vases, or anything else that needs extra care. Make sure to pad the walls of the boxes first, then wrap your valuables in the linen and place inside the box. This is a great way to save space, and allow great padding for your fragile items.

Remember to save your necessities such as hygiene items for the last couple of boxes. This includes anything that you will need on the day of your move. It is also helpful to mark these boxes “A” or “#1” so you know that is the first box to get into.

The more organized you are, and the more prepared you are for your move, the less stressful it will be. Moving is a stressful event in your life, however it can go smoothly with the right steps of preparation. If there are any questions about packing, feel free to comment below and we will gladly answer any of your questions.

At Century Moving Services, we’re happy to share a few useful packing tips.

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